Pineville Lodge 455

Pineville’s first Masonic lodge, The Pineville Masonic Lodge No. 455 received its dispensation from the Grand Lodge of North Carolina on December 8, 1892 and was chartered on January 11, 1893.

The Lodge was located on Main Street, upstairs over the Pineville Loan & Savings Bank, which later became the Pineville Drug Company- operated by Mr. Robert Hair. The lodge room was shared with The Redmen.

Pineville Masonic Lodge met on the first Friday of the month and on the Friday on or before Full Moon unless the full moon fell in the first or very close to the first. Then an alternate date was arranged. Dues to The Grand Lodge were 60 cents per member. In the first year there were 13 members. The Masonic year ran from July 1 to June 30 of the following.There were five members who were not officers.

Officers were as follows:

Master – F.O. Sleurtis

Senior Warden – Dr. J. A. Ardrey

Junior Warden – W.H. Crowell

Treasurer – W.E. Ardrey

Secretary – W.M. Morrow

Senior Deacon – J.J. Rone

Junior Deacon – Dominy

Tiler – Monroe Merrett

Other Charter Members were:

J.D. Culp

J.H. Elms

B.T Withers

W.J. Hogland

During the first year Dr. Joseph Ardrey, who was Pineville’s first doctor, was Senior Warden. He died at the young age of 41on August 21, 1893. Dr. Ardrey was the grandfather of Brother Kenneth R. Downs, member of James K. Polk Lodge, No 759.

On June 30. 1930, membership in good standing numbered 41. Due to the hard economic times of the Great Depression, many members could not pay their dues and the Pineville Lodge went defunct on May 10, 1931.

Following are officers holding seats in the lodge’s final year:

Master – G.S. Dudley

Senior Warden – W.B. Bailes

Junior Warden – J.A. Ardrey, Jr.

Treasurer – L.L. Downs