Brethren, Friends, Past Masters, Visiting brethren.

Hello and welcome to the newly designed face of James K Polk #759!  I hope you find both pleasure and profit in the time you spend browsing this website. If you are a member, I hope this is a tool with which masonry becomes easier and more exciting to access. If you are a visitor, I hope you find the answers to the questions you may or may not have. Freemasonry is said to be the oldest and largest fraternity in the world. It’s past is storied with great historical figures and linked to some of the greatest moments in history. The lessons of Freemasonry have been used to shape the very face of this nation.

In planning for the tenure in the oriental chair, I used a trove of Masonic literature, music and the ever expanding digital resource to help me identify what it was I wanted to accomplish during the 2017 term. I read through many quotes from noted Masonic authors, historical figures, trusted friends. “The internal and not the external qualifications are what masonry recommends” beamed at me through a thick fog. It called to me and fell on the steps of the lodge as if it were the golden ticket that Charlie had won. I believe every now and again, an individual, or in our case, our fraternity needs to take a brief period of rest and reflection. This year will give every brother an opportunity to serve, improve, and progress masonry into the next generation. I have plans to begin improving the lodge experience. An observant approach to our ritual, meditation and music will be put to good use. Masonic education and training will be at the center of my focus. You should expect to see your stated communications filled with meaningful and exciting education topics. This will also be the perfect chance for the member to ask questions, gain a deeper understanding of his craft, and the labors he performs in the quarries of life.

The digital era has offered masonry something that it has never before experienced. Instant gratification. I’ll tell you what that means. Before the days of the world wide web, if programs in California lodges were wildly successful, it was a slow process for the news of this to leak across the country. The Jurisdiction of North Carolina might never hear about these opportunities before the days of Microsoft, Mac, and Gmail. But now, the information superhighway allows the craft to share its teachings, ideas, and successes at the blink of an eye. Podcasts, blogs, vlogs, web hosting etc, have allowed powerful messages and wildly successful programs and ideas to be shared. The only reason this information collects dust is that the member chooses to scroll past them.

In closing, I openly offer an invitation to all Master Masons, Fellowcrafts, and Entered apprentices to frequent our establishment and extend their privilege which is craft masonry.  I offer any non-mason an invitation to join us on the second 2nd Thursday of each month to join our members for dinner and let them tell you what masonry means to them. The lessons we are taught transcend friendship and seek to create a true bond of peace and perfection. I hope to see you, member or visitor, soon!

Your humble servant,

Cody J. Gustafson


James K Polk Lodge 759

Our Lodge is located at 900 Hill Street Pineville, NC 28134.  Mail can also be sent to P.O. Box 1043 Pineville, NC 28134. If you need more information please contact us via phone or email. Directions to the Lodge.