I’d like to share my experience that I had with a total stranger. My work took me to the Federal Court Building, here in Charlotte. We were shooting an infomercial and my crew and I were under suspicious eyes while unloading the equipment trailer.

The crew loaded what we could into the elevator and was making trips to the courtroom. When I entered the elevator, it was already full of equipment and an older gentleman guard, wearing his blue suit, was at the controls. His voice resonated with authority, and you could tell that this man was all business, probably suspecting his own mother of wrongdoing. Reaching with his right hand to select our designated floor, I noticed his Masonic Ring.

“What lodge are you a member of”, I asked. We shared a brief interchange of lodge memberships and current Masonic activities. The elevator doors opened and I was the first to exit. As I turned around to offer a good day to my fellow brother, his hand was already extended. We exchanged our grips and he looked me in the eye as if I was part of his family.

In an instant, we had created a bond that was stronger than any mere friendship-He was my Masonic Brother. I don’t know his name, he was a stranger, but I know “whence he came”; his ring gave him away.