The title of Master Mason can mean many things to many Men. We proudly display the Masonic symbol on the backs of our cars, on our lapels, our hats, and on our shirts. We freely tell the world that we are men with purpose…we are Master Masons, but what does that mean?

The days of the “social Mason’s club” are over. We, as Masons, have some real work to do. Our neighbors are out of work, and there are people who, if nothing else, need an encouraging word. Its our job to come to the aid of those who need us. We have taken an obligation and should live by that standard everyday.

We want to hear how our fellow brothers are helping people in their church, their neighorhood, and in their community. We want to hear your success stories of how you helped someone in need. We want to hear that you have upheld your obligation, because after all, thats the only thing that makes us Master Masons.